Piss Project (NSFW)

Piss Project is an ongoing series of my travels to different toilets across the United States. As Americans we have trouble saying toilet. We say bathroom, restroom, powder room, little boy’s room and so on. We cringe to say the word toilet because it reminds us of the unbecoming acts that are performed there. Let’s have a conversation about our sanitation. Why does there seem to be no one who cares about the cleanliness of our toilets? I do not blame the ones selected to clean our messes, they do the best they can given their situation. I’m to blame as much as the next person. We seem to lack complete desire to discuss our bodily functions. Most who care to bring up the conversation choose to do so using the topic of sex, but I want to see raw moments devoid of passion and full of instinct. This series uses the toilet is an unbiased reflection of how Americans truly behave when it boils down to our primal urges.